Vintage Ceramic Teapot With Cups

Vintage Ceramic Teapot With Cups

Material: Ceramic
Desc: A Vintage Tea Set indeed!
Add value with a matching brand logo or design to create an unforgettable ambience when you are serving your guests, visitors, family or friends! This 550ml/ 18oz teapot allows 4 servings with its 150ml/ 5oz cups. Just sufficient to enjoy it together with the served snacks or light meals!
Colour: White
Volume: Cups 150ml/ 5oz
Teapot 500ml/ 16ml
Brand: MyMug Malaysia

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Code: Vintage Ceramic Teapot With Cups
Desc: 2023 New Arrival!
A Vintage Teapot set indeed!
This beautifully shaped teapot with its elegant handle and sturdy cups are made of high quality ceramic material! With a matching logo and design, this simple teapot set will be a distinction for serving and enjoying tea!
Colour: White
Best For: Tea Lovers, Tea Culture Campaign
Serving tea at home, office or restaurant
Reserved ground, flight and cruise catering
Material: Ceramic
Purpose: Tea Lovers Gift
Parents’ Day Gift
Wedding Anniversary Gift
Engagement or Wedding Gift
Couples’ Premium, Redemption Gift
Volume: Cups 150ml/ 5oz
Teapot 500ml/ 16ml
Care: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Brand: MyMug Malaysia
Colour White
Material Ceramic
Brand MyMug Malaysia
Height Teapot 8.3cm / Cup 6.5cm
Top Width Teapot 8.1cm / Cup 6.3cm
Bottom Width Teapot 9.4cm / Cup 3.5cm
Volume Teapot 500ml/ 16ml / Cups 150ml/ 5oz
Print Method Screen Printed Kiln Fired for Permanent Prints
Lead Time Sampling - 3 days/ Production - 7 days

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