The MAZE Mug

The MAZE Mug

The One And Only MAZE Mug

Have you seen this “AMAZENG’ mug from MyMug? Designed and produced by MyMug, you cannot find another one in the world!!! As usual this MAZE mug is made from the finest porcelain raw material which is durable and glossy. From the side view, it looks alike a square mug – 9cm height and 9cm diameter. It has an ideal 12 oz capacity for hot or cold drinks. This mug has a Maze design embossed all around the mug so that you can draw the maze after drinking your coffee. The embossed Maze design will still allow you to print your logo and messages.

This unique Maze mug is great for advertisers to present a special gift to its audience. Large area for your brands with a MAZE background. The white Maze will allow any colour to match and stand out. A perfectly matching C handle to hold with the mug your fingers or you can hold the mug in your palm with your thumb going through it. A very practical and graceful gift that will delight its recipients for a long long time!!!

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