Material: White Porcelain
Desc: MY011 collectively are A Variant
of single color Mugs to excel in fine dining settings and A Variant of handle and rim colors on a white surface to delight the coffee or tea lovers in their niche café or restaurant settings! Its embossed surface allows logo for the inner or base only which is cost and time saving!
Colour: White with Apple Green Handle & Rim
In total, there are 13 variant color features
Volume: 360 ml / 12 oz
Brand: MyMug Malaysia

Starting From RM6


Code: MY011
Desc: MY011 Round Handle Mug Collection
creates a dynamic experience for all ages!  Coffee lovers at home or café restaurant setting can serve latte art with added value. The variant colors of My011 allows baristas and homemakers to think out of the norm in serving an interesting and inspiring or personalized latte art to their guest and visitors!
Colour: White with Apple Green Handle & Rim
In total, there are 13 variant color features
Best For: ▪ Corporate Premiums
GWP single, paired or gift set
Drinkware gift set at handover
Birthday gift or Farewell gift set
Festive employee gift or gift set
▪ Domestic Premiums
Housewarming, Mothers’ & Fathers’ day gift
Festive, Event, Wedding gift set, Birthday gift
▪ Commercial Latte Art Mug
Fine dining restaurant and café latte art mugs
Niche café and restaurant drinkware & souvenir mugs
Material: White Porcelain
Purpose: ▪  Artisan Friendly Mugs
Restaurants & cafes Fine Dining Latte Mugs:
The 4 variant single color mug with a bigger o-handle
▪ Cofee & Tea Lovers Colourful Treat!
Restaurants & cafes Coffee & Tea Mugs:
a-The 4 variant color handle on white embossed mug
b-The 5 variant color rim & handle on white embossed mug
Volume: 360 ml / 12 oz
Care: Scratch Resistant, Permanent Colors, Food Save, Dishwasher Safe, Diswasher Safe and Thermal Shock Proof
Brand: MyMug Malaysia
Colour White with Apple Green Handle & Rim
Material White Porcelain
Brand MyMug Malaysia
Height 7.9 cm
Top Width 10 cm
Bottom Width 9.3 cm
Volume 360ml / 12oz
Print Method Screen Printed Kiln Fired for Permanent Prints
Lead Time Sampling - 3 days/ Production - 7 days