MY002 Mug

Material: White Porcelain
Desc: My002 is designed to inspire us towards bold
love! The bold contrasting colors and surface are perfect for mix or cross-cultural friendships, relationships & marriages that can work for greater good with love on their side!  Creatively designed to speak for itself, it only has a small gold metal plate best to be engraved with the person’s name to personalise the gift! The 400ml/13oz capacity is a litte above the standard making it suitable for teens, adults & the elderly!
Colour: White / Red with Red Handle
Volume: 400 ml / 13 oz
Brand: MyMug Malaysia

Starting From RM6


Code: MY002 Mug
Desc: MY002 is a designer mug for LOVE lovers!
Its inner smooth red and red handle are a bold contrast to its exterior embossed white! The embossed pattern is also a bold motif reflecting the toughness of love!
Colour: White / Red with Red Handle
Best For: A wedding gift set. The red handle resonates that love will be on their side!
A valentine gift set. Together, the red handles resonate the wings of love!
An elderly parent or parents’ gift with the message that love will accompany them!
A couple’s gift. Love will guide and strengthen them in their parenting journey!
A corporate gift for trainees. Love is more than money can buy or sell!
Material: White Porcelain
Purpose: A fancy ceramic drinkware gift designed to attract attention and draw inspiration for boldness! It has a relatively small gold metal plate to match any occasion with few appropriate words while best for names to personalize the gift!
Volume: 400 ml / 13 oz
Care: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Brand: MyMug Malaysia
Colour White / Red
Material White Porcelain
Brand MyMug Malaysia
Height 9.7 cm
Top Width 10.6 cm
Bottom Width 7.7 cm
Volume 400ml / 13oz
Print Method Screen Printed Kiln Fired for Permanent Prints
Lead Time Sampling - 3 days/ Production - 7 days