CP828 Latte Mug

CP828 Latte Mug

Material: Porcelain
Desc: A practical white mug to enjoy a good light meal or a quick hearty drink!
For children or the elderly, its thick body can keep the food or drink warm longer! Whether alone, a couple, with family or guest, this 330ml/ 11oz size mug is excellent for multi-purpose and creative use! Its microwave and dishwasher safe, easy to clean and keep too!
Colour: White
Volume: 330ml/ 11oz
Brand: MyMug Malaysia

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Code: CP828 Latte Mug
Desc: A practical bowl shape mug to enjoy a good light meal or a quick hearty drink!
No less elegant to look at as its white sturdy body matches well with beautiful handle. Inside out, is the call for creativity. The combination of an excellent logo and latte art make a great drinking experience!
Colour: White
Best For: Latte Art, Breakfast Meals like hot soup, noodles, latte, macha, cappuccino, boba tea, cereal drinks
Material: Porcelain
Purpose: ▪ Home or Commercial Use
▪ Promo Mug, Campaign Mug
▪ Café Mug, Hotel Mug, Resort Mug
▪ Breakfast Mug, Noodle Mug, Latte Mug
Volume: 330ml/ 11oz
Care: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Brand: MyMug Malaysia
Colour White
Material Porcelain
Brand MyMug Malaysia
Height 6.8cm
Bottom Width 5.5cm
Volume 330ml/ 11 oz
Print Method Screen Printed Kiln Fired for Permanent Prints
Lead Time Sampling - 3 days/ Production - 7 days

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