Mini CP827 Navy Blue Mug

Material: Ceramic
Desc: Single, In set of 2, 4 or 6, these mini 105ml/ 3.5oz mugs are easy to clean & keep!
It can be a birthday party souvenir mug, a wedding door gift set, a campaign awareness mug on children’s day or a premium collection (eg ocean lifestock@mug) redemption gift
Colour: Navy Blue
Volume: 105ml/ 3.5oz
Brand: MyMug Malaysia

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Code: Mini CP827 – Navy Blue
Desc: One third of the standard size mug, it holds best strong beverages of
small quantity for us to enjoy with full satisfaction! From this simple small mug, a depth of experience awaits us everyday as we reflect its bold color of navy blue! Matched creatively with single or multi-color logo, it transforms into a power or energy mug for kids, teenagers, adults and even the elderly to enjoy their favorite drinks!
Colour: Navy Blue
Best For: House Warming Gift Set, Wedding Gift Set, Family Day Gift Set, Launch Event Gift Set, Birthday Gift Set, Teacup Gift Set, Espresso Gift Set, PWP Gift Set, Redemption Premium
Material: Ceramic
Purpose: ▪ Home or Commercial Use
▪ Promo Mug, Campaign Mug
▪ Casual Urban Lifestyle Gift Set
▪ Espresso Mug, Juice Mug, Herbal Mug, Tea Mug
Volume: 105ml/ 3.5oz
Care: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
Brand: MyMug Malaysia
Colour Navy Blue
Material Ceramic
Brand MyMug Malaysia
Height 6cm
Top Width 6.5cm
Volume 105ml/ 3.5oz
Print Method Screen Printed Kiln Fired for Permanent Prints
Lead Time Sampling - 3 days/ Production - 7 days

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