Beer Glass


Material: Glass
Desc: 480ml/16oz Glass Beer Mugs are typically used
in pubs and great beer festivals. These mugs are sturdy thick glass crafted not only for large capacity beer and cocktails to chill longer but to collide at the time of toasting without breaking! Our unique hybrid glass mug is shaped for inclusiveness! Beer, cocktail or beverage can be enjoyed together with ease! Your creative brand logo adds value to your business & clients too!
Colour: Transparent
Volume: 480 ml/16 oz
Brand: MyMug Malaysia

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Code: Beer Glass
Desc: Glass Beer Mugs are typically found in pubs and great beer festivals.
Unlike its 16 oz standard volume, the shape is not. It resembles moderation in abundance to safeguard our freedom to overindulge in a hearty celebration or feast! Great to enjoy beer or cocktails even during weddings or any festive events decently! Greater fun to enjoy non-alchoholic cocktails in this hybrid glass mug too! MyMug’s hybrid beer-beverage glass mug!
Colour: Transparent
Best For: Beer Catering Services, Beer events & festivals, Oktoberfest
Pubs, Bar & Grill Restaurants, Beer Bar, Beer Garden, Beer House
Material: Glass
Purpose: Commercial glassware, Souvenir glassware, Promo glassware,
Beer & cocktail glassware for residential outdoor parties and events
Volume: 480 ml/16 oz
Care: Freezer and Dishwasher Safe
Brand: MyMug Malaysia
Colour Transparent
Material Glass
Brand MyMug Malaysia
Height 13.4 cm
Top Width 8.6 cm
Bottom Width 9.8 cm
Volume 480ml / 16oz
Print Method Screen Printed Kiln Fired for Permanent Prints
Lead Time Sampling - 3 days/ Production - 7 days