Natural Organic Terracotta Mug

Natural Organic Terracotta Mug

A natural coloured terracotta mug made from the finest stoneware clay brings you back to the ancient days when raw clay was discovered to make cooking utensils. While our CP801 Terracotta has the finishing of terracotta but it is more durable and sturdy that can take knocks with everyday use. This mug has a large C handle to hold a 12 oz coffee or tea. Its interior is glossy black that makes this mug looks very exclusive. The matt texture on the exterior makes it a pleasure to hold.

This terracotta rustic look and feel makes it very suitable for promoting or branding for natural products or eco-friendly ingredients as this mug is specially crafted to inspire a healthier and natural lifestyle.

CP801 Terracotta is easy to wash and made to be microwave and dishwasher safe. Its overall distinctive design makes it a pleasure to have in any setting.

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